A Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2013!

Thanks for visiting my professional online home, whether this is your first time or you regularly check in here!

We just rang out the first full calendar year of my freelance writing business and rang in what should be an even more exciting and productive run around the sun.

I was pleased to see how quickly this business grew in 2012, and look forward to more growth, more good projects, and more work with wonderful clients in 2013.

Over the past year, as throughout my journalism career, I endeavored to produce excellent material for clients in a collegial, straightforward professional process. I enjoyed providing good copy and service to editors and others who needed a strong, reliable writer, researcher or writing coach.

The New Year promises expansion of existing relationships and opportunities to serve new clients!

May 2013 be a happy, healthy, fulfilling and prosperous New Year for you, and a time of understanding, compassion and friendship for all of us!

Stay tuned!


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