Dinah Wisenberg Brin is an award-winning veteran journalist and lifelong writer. Her news, business and feature stories have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Congressional Quarterly, The Associated Press, CNBC.com and Entrepreneur.com,  among other publications.

She has covered Fortune 500 companies and CEOs, Congress, and a borough council that met in a one-room schoolhouse. In addition to interviewing CEOs and CFOs on a regular basis, and politicians including John Kerry and John McCain, Dinah has conducted interviews with all manner of folks, from unsung waitresses and students and barbers to celebrities like Chubby Checker and Dick Clark.

She once interviewed Ted Kennedy on a hamburger phone.

A native Texan now based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dinah brings a wealth of experience as a financial, political and generalist reporter. She’s an agile writer who can handle a wide variety of assignments for news organizations and private clients.

At the college newspaper, long ago, an adrenaline-fueled girl reporter at the VDT.

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