Health Reform & Small Business

My latest piece for explains how small business owners — and others — can share their views on the Affordable Care Act (aka health reform and Obamacare) with federal agencies writing the regulations that will govern the law’s implementation. While the  legislation became law in 2010, it’s being phased in and regulators haven’t finished writing the many rules detailing how it will work.

Supply Chain Visibility

I’m pleased to have written the cover story for the first issue of MHI Solutions, a new magazine of industry association MHI (the Material Handling Industry). The article takes a close look at what companies are doing to improve the visibility and nimbleness of their supply chains, from factory to store. Click here for a faster-loading pdf version.

A Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2013!

Thanks for visiting my professional online home, whether this is your first time or you regularly check in here!

We just rang out the first full calendar year of my freelance writing business and rang in what should be an even more exciting and productive run around the sun.

I was pleased to see how quickly this business grew in 2012, and look forward to more growth, more good projects, and more work with wonderful clients in 2013.

Over the past year, as throughout my journalism career, I endeavored to produce excellent material for clients in a collegial, straightforward professional process. I enjoyed providing good copy and service to editors and others who needed a strong, reliable writer, researcher or writing coach.

The New Year promises expansion of existing relationships and opportunities to serve new clients!

May 2013 be a happy, healthy, fulfilling and prosperous New Year for you, and a time of understanding, compassion and friendship for all of us!

Stay tuned!


Personalized Medicine Brings Changes

The quickly developing field of personalized medicine is changing diagnostics, treatment and the interplay between the two. This creates challenges for the Food and Drug Administration, which regulates diagnostic tests and drugs quite differently. Could it also mean a change in the economic balance of power between drug and diagnostics companies? I recently covered a Wharton School discussion on the topic for Penn’s LDI Health Economist. — Dinah Wisenberg Brin


Not Necesssarily the News

I’ve been a reporter virtually all my adult life, and even a wee bit in childhood and adolescence. I like writing interesting stories that a broad audience will read, and so am very pleased to write for various news outlets.

As a freelancer now, however, my storytelling isn’t limited to news organizations. I have branched out to other types of clients and assignments that call on those same writing and editing abilities, the same attention to detail and professionalism that magazines, newspapers and wire services demand.

Nonprofit and corporate clients need good storytellers, too, and who couldn’t use a good editor or writing coach?

In addition to news assignments, I’ve also taken on the following projects lately:

• Employee Communications. I wrote feature stories for the in-house magazine of a major real estate company.

• Ghostwriting. I ghostwrote an article on a complex business topic for a CEO.

• Coaching. I have started work as a writing coach for MBA students at a prestigious business school.

I’ve also done some hybrid work, such as reporting news stories on certain business trends for the website of a major membership organization.

I’m available for case studies, white papers and content for select nonprofit or company blogs as well. If you’re looking for a strong, agile writing professional, please contact me and let’s talk about your project.

– Dinah Wisenberg Brin

The Million-Dollar Tweet

Brother and sister entrepreneurs Scott and  Stacey Ferreira weren’t old enough to drink cocktails but jumped at the chance to attend a party last summer with Sir Richard Branson and talk up their new social media startup. What started with a tweet led to a nearly $1 million investment from Branson and a venture capitalist. I interviewed the Ferreiras for