Workplace Matters

Contributing to SHRM Online (the Society for Human Resource Management) has allowed me to explore very interesting workplace issues. After all, HR is more than pay stubs and health insurance. There’s emotional intelligence, telecommuting and social media policy, among other subjects, to consider. While some of my stories are behind a members’ pay wall, others now are available for general viewing. One of SHRM’s websites conveniently organizes articles by author. Here are two links to several of my SHRM pieces.

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Avoiding Layoff Mistakes

Do HR execs ever regret the decisions they make during layoffs? Interviews with more than two dozen North American managers showed that many do, indeed, believe they, or their companies, made mistakes, whether choosing to dismiss or keep the wrong employees, or laying off too many or too few workers. The MIT Sloan Management Review recently published a paper outlining the survey results and offering advice for avoiding layoff errors. I wrote about the issue for SHRM Online.