UGGS, That Time of Year Again?

Once, in the gauzy lensed past, and to some extent now, folks who worried about dressing properly knew not to wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day.

Now, apparently, people – and by people I mean girls and those who gossip about their fashion choices – concern themselves with the proper time to don a pair of the popular sheepskin boots known as Uggs (or uggs or UGG® boots from the company UGG Australia).

It seems that Uggs fans really, really want to wear their flat, ursine boots at the first hint of crisp air, falling leaf and sub-70 temperature. The Uggs girl who rushes to the closet on that first, barely brisk day, however, may face the smirks, eye rolls and snarky tweets of self-appointed critics.

While there may be no firm date when Uggs fans get the green light, there’s no shortage of opinions and questions – hundreds of opinions and questions — about when it’s too soon. To check, I searched for “Uggs” on Twitter this morning, as temperatures in much of the continental U.S. ranged from the 30s to the 60s.


I’ve left these tweets pretty much as tweeted, including tweety punctuation and capitalization or lack thereof.

“The question in the back of every girl’s mind: ‘Is it too early for Uggs?’” one Twitterer observed.

“Is it socially acceptable to wear uggs now or nah,” another wanted to know.

And yet another warned: “If you wear shorts/flip flops today, I’m judging you. But if you’re also wearing uggs/snow boots, I’m judging you too.”

From another: “if i see any girls wearing uggs today i will scream.”

“Don’t be that girl that wears Uggs in September,” tweeted another.

One guy tweeted this prediction. “Guess I should be ready to see all the Ladies in Uggs and Leggings again.”

Depending on one’s taste, Uggs are either the best or worst fashion trend ever. The trend has endured for years, as the boots reportedly emerged decades ago from surfer culture.

Some fans are more than willing to risk the scorn.

One had this to say to the Twitterverse: “Wearing uggs today again and for the rest of my life, don’t care about your opinion.”

“I’m wearing uggs and idc,” said another tweet, using shorthand for “I don’t care.”

Sometime before midnight East Coast time, one Twitterer wondered: “Idk why uggs are hated on so much like they’re the equivalent of outdoor slippers sry if my comfort and warmth offends you.”

“Too early to bring out the uggs? Lol nah,” another fan tweeted.

In other cases, uncertainty reared its Uggsy head.

“I’m wearing uggs meanwhile other girls are still wearing flip flops,” read a tweet with crying emoticon.

Another Twitterer didn’t like the judgments that girls face for their choices, tweeting:
“Its fall which means sweaters/pumpkin lattes/uggs/girls getting criticized for things they like and i am Not Here For That.”