A Way With Words

Welcome! I’m Dinah Wisenberg Brin, an award-winning journalist and writer with a strong background producing financial, healthcare, entrepreneurial, small business, logistics, legal and government articles.

My stories have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and on CNBC.com, FastCompany.com and Entrepreneur.com, among other publications.

After years as a staff journalist for major publications, including Dow Jones Newswires and The Associated Press, I now offer my services as an independent writer for news organizations, trade associations, non-profits and businesses. I enjoy collaborating with clients to provide the stories and other high-quality materials they seek.

Perhaps you need a compelling piece on an emerging business trend, appealing web content, a polished case study showing the valuable service you provided a client, or a well researched, analytical white paper. If you edit an in-house magazine, you might want a feature explaining how your most successful employees achieved that status.


If you’re looking for a versatile, professional writer who delivers the engaging, insightful copy you need, please explore my website and LinkedIn profile, and get in touch to let me know about your project. Thanks!


Title photo © Can Stock Photo Inc. / CandyBoxImages

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