“Dinah is a talented journalist that has made my job so much easier. I rarely have to make edits because her writing style is clear, concise and well-reported. Additionally, whenever we do have any feedback that’s specific to our brand style, she integrates that feedback into all future pieces so I never have to make the same edits twice. She’s easy to work with, always on time, and great at communicating back and forth with me, even though we work fully remote. Dinah would make a great writer for any team.” – Jocelyn Montemarano, content marketing strategist and consultant

“Dinah is an excellent reporter and writer who aced virtually every assignment in the years we collaborated. Her writing is concise and precise, her reporting thorough and informed and her work habits utterly professional. For a harried editor juggling projects, I really appreciated her ability to meet or beat deadlines and deliver clean and smart copy.” – Albert Bozzo, financial journalist and financial advisor (former senior editor)

“An excellent, seasoned copywriter who always keeps her audience front-most in mind.”- Joe Polidoro, founding partner, Jove

“Dinah Brin is one of the best reporters I’ve worked with. She knows her beat cold, and quickly and courteously responds to any queries from the copy desk. You never have to remind her about project deadlines. She is a lucid and engaging writer, and even on deadline her copy is free of typos and continuity errors—in short, it’s what we copy editors love to get. Dinah’s professionalism and dedication as a journalist are unsurpassed.” – Jeff McCulley, (former Dow Jones Newswires copy editor, now Wall Street Journal Real-Time News publishing editor)

Dinah is a resourceful, intelligent researcher and wordsmith. Her quick grasp of complex subjects, her mastery of writing and her sense of humor make her an excellent choice for writing and editing projects and a pleasure to be around. As colleagues for several years, Dinah and I collaborated on projects with extremely tight deadlines, and her share of the work was routinely well researched and written. When she served as lead writer for group projects, Dinah artfully combined varying quality levels of reporting and writing into smart pieces with a unified voice. I highly recommend this honest, gifted writer.” – Mary Ellen Biery (former Dow Jones Newswires reporting colleague)

“Dinah was an experienced, successful reporter when she came to Dow Jones. As the lone staffer in our Philadelphia bureau, she developed stories and managed her time without on-site supervision, all the while producing consistent, high-quality coverage of local companies like Comcast and making significant contribution to our overall coverage. She is a pro to the core, and any organization would be fortunate to have her. Given the opportunity, I would hire her again without hesitation.” – Nick Hays (former Dow Jones Newswires editor)

“When Dinah was the Tribune’s Washington correspondent via States News Service, she not only kept our small, feisty paper in the game against our much larger and much better staffed competitor, but she frequently broke important stories for our readership. … Dinah always made us feel as if we were her first priority, and I found out later that the other newspapers she served felt the same way. Dinah was everything you could want in a reporter: thorough, accurate, entrepreneurial, clean, fast, and yes, competitive. Not only that, she was just a plain joy of a person to work with.” – John D’Anna, (Arizona journalist)

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