Excerpts from endorsements that former supervisors and colleagues provided on LinkedIn,  where the full recommendations (with names!) are available.

“Dinah is a resourceful, intelligent researcher and wordsmith. Her quick grasp of complex subjects, her mastery of writing and her sense of humor make her an excellent choice for writing and editing projects and a pleasure to be around. … I highly recommend this honest, gifted writer.” – reporting colleague

“Dinah Brin is one of the best reporters I’ve worked with. She knows her beat cold, and quickly and courteously responds to any queries … You never have to remind her about project deadlines. She is a lucid and engaging writer, and even on deadline her copy is free of typos and continuity errors—in short, it’s what we copy editors love to get … ” – colleague

“Dinah always made us feel as if we were her first priority … Dinah was everything you could want in a reporter: thorough, accurate, entrepreneurial, clean, fast, and yes, competitive. Not only that, she was just a plain joy of a person to work with.” – editor at client newspaper

“Dinah Wisenberg Brin is a no-nonsense, business reporter who consistently exhibits a keen eye for detail and balance in her work, and conducts herself with integrity and professionalism.”  – editor

“Dinah Wisenberg Brin is a seasoned, smart and strategic reporter equally skilled at reporting and writing. This is a veteran you want on your team.”  – editor

“She is a pro to the core, and any organization would be fortunate to have her. Given the opportunity, I would hire her again without hesitation.” – editor

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