Chat Bots for Recruiting

Imagine applying for a job and having your initial interview by text – with a chat bot. It might sound impersonal, but wouldn’t it be better than sending your resume into the abyss, never to hear whether it got to the right person, much less why it did or didn’t look good to the employer?

Bots, automated interviewers, are starting to help employers “talk” to job applicants, sort through applications to find the most suitable candidates, and provide job hopefuls with guidance, answers and feedback. Here’s my SHRM Online story on the emerging technology.

Entrepreneurs and Depression

Entrepreneurs often work in isolation, which can exacerbate any depression they may experience. And depression, in turn, can make it harder for entrepreneurs to run their businesses. Here’s an article I recently wrote on the topic for Weebly. In it, entrepreneurs share their experiences and advice for handling depression. – DWB

New PBS-Linked Site for Boomers, a new, broad-interest website targeting Baby Boomers, went live today. The publication seeks to be for Boomers what Sesame Street is for toddlers. It may not be brought to you by the letter of the day or touch on potty training, but the publication discusses math (personal finance), learning (tips on picking up foreign languages), attention to feelings (family and relationships), as well as health and well-being, personal reinvention, work, retirement, travel and style, and home and gardening.

Speaking of jobs and travel, NextAvenue published my story on middle-aged folks finding work abroad. Please take a look when you have a chance!