Entrepreneurs and Depression

Entrepreneurs often work in isolation, which can exacerbate any depression they may experience. And depression, in turn, can make it harder for entrepreneurs to run their businesses. Here’s an article I recently wrote on the topic for Weebly. In it, entrepreneurs share their experiences and advice for handling depression. – DWB

Debt, Marriage, Weight & Clutter

Catching up with some stories from the past few months, I’d like to note these two personal finance pieces I wrote for CreditCards.com.

The first explores what to do if you’re engaged to marry someone with a lot of debt. The second looks at the connections between debt, weight and clutter.

Interesting insight from experts in both pieces.

New Parenthood in Midlife and Personal Finances

Here’s my new piece for cnbc.com on the financial implications of starting (or adding to) a family in middle age. Unlike younger parents, fortysomethings with babies will hit retirement age about the same time their tots are ready for college. The story marks my expansion into personal-finance coverage.